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"Hold On" is the first video of the brazilian band Lifetime Code. The script, in parallel to the band's performance, highlights the context of the lyrics, which conveys a message of overcoming, presented in the video with a cinematographic proposal through the journey of a man who is in a intense mental confusion, walking bewildered through the streets, sometimes coming across with a person who can represent your redemption.



Lifetime Code is a Hard Metal band founded in 2016 in São Paulo, that mixes influences from the Hard Rock of the 80s with modern Heavy Metal.

 "The first album of a band always brings a great expectation for both the musicians and the fans.", says the guitarist Denis Salgado, who along with his bandmates, hopes to shot the target of the demanding fans, who looks for a new sonority in the world of Rock.

 "This is a band that came out of a brotherhood reinforced for years. So, why not make it the project of our lives?", asks Lincoln Marcolongo, the bass player. According to Lincoln, "just as the music has united our paths, it never letted us to be aparted", bringing out a new page, which means a new studio material after 3 years of hard work and high dedication.


The band arrives carrying the challenge, envolving the search for their own space with the self titled album, Lifetime Code, produced, mixed and mastered by the brothers Denis Salgado and Victor Salgado, and co-production of André Muniz and Lincoln Marcolongo.

 Although it is the first album of this phase of the Lifetime Code career, the interaction of musicians working together since 1999, among other projects, comes straight to the face in each track.

 In this first journey of consolidation, the next steps of Lifetime Code can be closely checked through their social media sites.

 Members: André Muniz (Vocal); Denis Salgado (Guitar); Lincoln Marcolongo (Bass); Kooi Kawazoe (Keyboards) and Victor Salgado (Drums).



Brazil - 55 11 97067-5586



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